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The Tango House

An intimate memoir of life in Buenos Aires, and the demimonde of tango,
with its antiquated rules and customs. This is story of a woman’s journey from married life to an
obsessive passion with the dance, a journey from housewife to tango dancer, from chaos to
eventual peace. Through her stories you enter a unique world of dancers, womanizers, cheaters,
villains and victims. The tango world is a reflection of life itself!

Of All the Towns in the World

Have you ever wondered why so many foreigners choose to move to San
Miguel de Allende? Find some of the answers in this interview-based book, where dozens of
expats shared their reasons for moving here. Through the stories told by real people, you will
learn about the unique ingredients that make San Miguel such a magnet, and how it keeps its
hold on those who settle here. The familiar call of “you belong here” echoes through each of
these life stories and reinforces the common wisdom: “San Miguel either swallows you up, or
spits you out”! Something remarkable happens to many people who visit—they fall in love with
the city at first sight, and abandon everything to start a new life here.

Las Placas Históricas de San Miguel de Allende ¡Y lo que nos cuentan!

Breve historia de San Miguel de Allende siguiendo las placas que
aparecen en todas las partes del centro. Libro gratuito publicado por la municipalidad de San
Miguel, distribuido en bibliotecas y escuelas. Es posible adquirir copia en la Casa de la Cultura.

San Miguel de Allende Self-Guided Historical Walking Tour

The history of San Miguel is embedded in its cobblestone streets, the walls
and courtyards of the colonial buildings, the monuments and murals on walls. It is deeply rooted
in the history of the country itself, the city is tied to the beginnings of the Spanish conquest and
the establishment of settlements, and it is the place where the roots of independence first took
hold. Here is a way to learn the rich history of San Miguel and Mexico in an easy, visual way as
you wind your way through the city streets. Historical plaques throughout indicate where major
characters where born or lived, and spots where important events took place. Book in hand, you
can wander the city streets, and read what happened at each of the stops. A map is included to
help you navigate, and find each historical place.

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