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Tango Noticias

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

For about 8 years, from 1998 through 2006, I was a staff writer for a monthly newsletter-cum magazine, dealing with all things tango. It was based in Chicago, where I was living and dancing tango. During that period I was divorced, living alone and writing under my old-married last name. I was also spending from 4 to 6 months each year in Buenos Aires, abandoning winter in Chicago in late November and returning in May. It was during these years that I completed my first memoir--Walking the Tango--and many of the stories that were published in Tango Noticias became part of the memoir.

I will include some of these stories as they appeared in the newsletter. The first is titled Interpretations, and is an accounting of a lunch in the garden of the tango-house I stayed in during my sojourns in Buenos Aires. Osvaldo Natucci was my first tango instructor there, and he became a close friend and confidant. He helped me navigate some difficult times of heartbreak and loneliness, and he will always remain a dear memory.

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